CBD of Denver, Inc. is committed to revolutionizing the CBD industry as we redefine the image of Hemp products.  The medicinal qualities of CBD far outweigh the “reefer-madness image” that has been painted of the plant and oil’s origins. Our CBD does not contain psychoactive THC which is the element that gets one high. Our mission is to continue supporting both industry and internal research, communicating these results and the expanded uses of CBD while ensuring it’s accessibility to compliment your health.

CBD of Denver, Inc. has developed strategic partnerships with industry experts and renowned scientists at the cutting edge of clinical CBD research which is allowing us to dominate the forefront of emerging extraction systems, innovative infusion processes, effective delivery systems, and new proven-effective plant strains. All of these elements contribute to enhancing your health without disclaimers for side effects…

First and foremost our task is to establish a new, higher standard for manufacturing CBD. That starts with extracting the oil from the plant without the use of ANY chemicals! We endeavor to offer the purest, most reliable CBD wellness products in the world market today that are also organic, solvent-free and highly potent concentrate. Even at such high concentration levels, we are able to maintain both purity and potency. The end product is complemented by leveraging the most effective techniques and methods for delivering the long-lasting relief these products can provide.

CBD of Denver, Inc. strives to improve our patient’s daily lives by exceeding their needs and expectations in producing the safest, tested pure and most potent THC free CBD products. We don’t just say it – we live it… CBD of Denver, Inc. has strategic partnerships with Universities and Doctors studying alternative ways to treat patients and National Clinical Studies focusing on the impact of CBD on Concussions as well as Opioid recovery. We will remain on the cutting edge of CBD research to ensure our products maintain the purity and effectiveness our clients expect.

The culmination of these efforts has resulted in developing tincture solutions that consist of ONLY Organic Therapeutic Grade Isolate CBD and Organic Full Spectrum-Whole Plant Extract Oil CBD.  All 100% THC free.

The Cannabinoids are blended with an organic fractionated coconut oil with each batch tested dutifully, test results are available to validate suspended concentrations. Through continuing education and refinement of our products and services, we intend to maintain our position at the forefront of this emerging industry.

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